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I'm actually happy to get the opportunity to sing Julia's praises, because she was beyond helpful to me. I have a definite math phobia and was dismayed to have to face the GREs to apply to grad school... I feel lucky to have found Julia, as she was incredibly patient and utterly non-judgmental... She has a true gift for explaining concepts and coming up with practice exercises, and she is very familiar with the GRE and the best strategies for doing well on it. She just loves doing math and it shows. And she was just supportive in general, which really helped my confidence. She's also very professional... And I was very happy with the math score I got on the GRE, it went up [significantly] since my practice test.


My experience working with Julia was exceptional -- I extend the highest recommendation that you select her as your tutor. She is patient and a really good teacher -- she has keen insight into the things that you are "not getting" or patterns where you are repeating the same mistakes ... and in my case, she used a couple of teaching methods to help me "get it"... She is a consummate professional, a great teacher, and a genuinely nice person.


I worked with Julia to prepare for my second attempt at the GRE. In a very short amount of time, we were able to cover a lot of material. We quickly identified my weaknesses and Julia helped me to address those issues with extra questions until I built up my confidence. When the test date came around, I felt ten times more prepared than the first time around (and that was after working through both the Kaplan and the Princeton Review books!) Julia went above and beyond what I expected, and I felt she was truly invested in my success. She is a natural teacher and I recommend her highly as an excellent tutor.



I think it went well... Thanks to you!! ...And if you ever need a recommendation I'll be more than happy to write one, or speak to someone on the phone, or draw a poster--whatever you need you got it! Thanks


Thank you for your wonderful and FRUITFUL assistance!!! I rocked the GRE -- was thrilled to get a 700 quantitative (72%) and a 730 verbal (99%). For me, given my historical math abilities (or lack thereof), this was a major triumph I attribute to your tutoring. So THANK YOU!!!


I got into Johns Hopkins Master in Real Estate Program in their business school!!!  Thanks again for all of your help.


Book Reviews

[GRE Math Simplified] helps its readers to refresh their basic knowledge of math concepts and then proceeds to guide them – step by step – towards understanding and solving increasingly challenging problems.  The book and practice questions are well-written and the discussion is easy-to-follow. The guide also contains plenty of practice questions complete with online video explanations by the author... as well as a helpful study plan.

--Test Study Guides... Your Guide to the Best Test Prep Books

The author did a good job of writing problems that are tricky or have some twist that's similar to what you'd see on the actual test...  The book does a good job of providing you with a study plan or if you just need to spot check, the plan lists each concept and its corresponding chapter, youtube video, and section in the official GRE guide.

--Amazon Reviewer

I've been out of school for 20 years and this was a great book to help "refresh this old memory" and to prepare for the GRE.  Very straightforward.

--Amazon Reviewer


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